Pizza Oven Buying Guide: Finding the Perfect Pizza Partner…

When it comes to making top-notch pizzas at home, having the right pizza oven can make all the difference. Most importantly, a high-quality pizza oven enables that reliable rise and ensures a crispy crust. It’s almost like having the perfect partner by your side, not to mention, the hottest partner you’ll ever have.

Temperature is a big part of being able to make great pizza, and while it’s probably the main reason you’ll want to buy a pizza oven, it’s not the only thing to consider when selecting which oven to go for. Hence this pizza oven buying guide – let’s get you on  your way to making some truly groovy pizza…

Choosing The Best Pizza Oven

With there being a range of great pizza brands out there, choosing the perfect pizza oven for your home can become a complicated decision if you let it. Here, we aim to make pizza-making as simple as possible, so let’s guide you through the essential factors to consider when selecting a pizza oven:

Types of Pizza Ovens

Before you decide to just buy a pizza oven, let’s explore the different types of pizza ovens available:

a) Wood-Fired Pizza Ovens: Known for their traditional charm and ability to produce authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, wood-fired ovens rely on burning wood to generate heat. These ovens can reach very high temperatures quickly, resulting in perfectly charred and crispy crusts. 

b) Gas-Fired Pizza Ovens: Gas-fired pizza ovens offer convenience and control, allowing you to adjust the temperature easily. They use gas burners as a heat source and are popular for their consistent performance and even heat distribution.

c) Electric Pizza Ovens: Electric pizza ovens are compact, easy to use, and ideal for indoor kitchens. They heat up quickly and provide consistent temperatures for baking delicious pizzas.

d) The Modern (Portable) Pizza Oven: These days pizza ovens are versatile and even portable, allowing you to make pizza anywhere. They can be wood-fired, gas-fired, or even charcoal-fired. Outdoor portable pizza ovens add a unique element to your backyard cooking experience and are perfect for throwing those pizza parties.

Considerations for Choosing a Pizza Oven

Now that you’re familiar with the different types of pizza ovens, let’s explore the key factors to consider before making your purchase:

a) Cooking Performance: First things first, look for an oven that can reach high temperatures quickly and maintain consistent heat throughout the cooking process (we’re talking at least 350-450 degrees Celsius). Temperature is key to making great pizza and pretty much the main reason why anyone buys a pizza oven.

b) Size and Capacity: Evaluate the available space in your kitchen or backyard and determine the appropriate size of the oven. Consider the number of pizzas you intend to cook at once and choose an oven that can accommodate your needs.

c) Fuel Source: Decide on the type of fuel source that best suits your preferences. Wood-fired ovens provide a unique smoky flavour, while gas-fired and electric ovens offer convenience and ease of use.

d) Construction and Durability: Opt for a pizza oven constructed with high-quality materials such as stainless steel or refractory bricks. A well-built oven ensures longevity and retains heat efficiently.

e) Temperature Control: Temperature control is crucial for achieving the desired results. Look for ovens with accurate temperature gauges or built-in thermostats that allow you to monitor and adjust the heat as needed.

f) Ease of Use and Cleaning: Consider the user-friendliness of the oven. Look for features such as easy ignition systems, intuitive controls, and removable parts for hassle-free cleaning and maintenance.

g) Portability: If you prefer a portable oven, choose a model that is lightweight and designed for easy transportation. This is ideal for those who enjoy outdoor cooking or may need to move the oven to different locations.

h) Budget: Determine your budget range and explore options within that range. Remember to consider the long-term value and quality of the oven rather than solely focusing on the initial cost.

Additional Features and Accessories

Apart from the main considerations mentioned above, certain additional features and accessories can enhance your pizza-making experience. Some of these include:

a) Pizza Stones or Baking Tiles: The base of your pizza oven, whether made of stone or baking tiles, will help distribute heat evenly and create a crispier crust by absorbing excess moisture.

b) Pizza Peels: Essential for safely transferring pizzas in and out of the oven, pizza peels are long-handled paddles that make the process easier and prevent accidental burns.

c) Thermometers: Consider investing in an oven thermometer to ensure accurate temperature readings and precise cooking.

d) Insulation: Look for ovens with proper insulation to retain heat effectively and reduce energy consumption.

e) Rotating Platforms: Just to get your head spinning a bit more, some pizza ovens come with rotating platforms or turntables, which can help with even cooking and preventing hot spots (maybe a cool looking feature, but not really a necessity if you’d rather just master using a pizza paddle).

f) Temperature Monitoring Systems: Better models will feature temperature probes or digital displays that allow you to monitor the temperature your pizza cooks at while in the oven.

g) Protective Covers: If your oven will be exposed to the elements outdoors, consider purchasing a protective cover to safeguard it from weather conditions and extend its lifespan.

Research and Comparison

Now you’ve got a better understanding of the different pizza oven considerations, it’s probably time to take a look at some different pizza oven brands and models. Think about customer reviews, comparing specifications, and of course pricing. This will hopefully help you narrow down your options and make an informed decision.


Choosing the perfect pizza oven for your home involves considering various factors such as type, size, fuel source, cooking performance, not to mention additional pizza accessories. By carefully thinking about what you want from your pizza oven and conducting thorough research, you can select an oven that aligns with your budget as well as your pizza aspirations.

Whether you opt for a wood-fired oven for the most authentic experience or an electric oven for indoor convenience, investing in a quality pizza oven will elevate your pizza-making game and bring more than a slice of joy to your kitchen or backyard. If that sounds like a bit of you, time to get your pizza groove on and buy yourself a pizza oven…

Note: Remember to follow all safety guidelines and operating instructions provided by the manufacturer when using your pizza oven!!